Walking the Camino of Santiago where you get what you need not what you want

This experience is e a must which every person should do on life! From years I was hearing from my clients many stories related to the Camino of Santiago the Compostela, but I have to say that I would never imagine how fantastic was this experience, until the first days of December 2018, during a cold winter my need of walks was rolling in my mind until I spoke with my friend Antonio, who talk me about his summer walking to Santiago de Compostela.

From that moment I start to plan what would be my next couple of weeks along Spanish trails.

So I start my search on the web to catch some information about this pilgrimage
Many sites was talking only about summer trips, just few was describing a winter experience of the Camino.

I understand, that maybe was better to wait the spring to start the Camino, but is on spring that I start my Tour Guide working season, so the only favourable moment to take an holiday for me was in winter.

So in couple of days I book a flight from Palermo Sicily to Leon Spain to start my new walking adventure.

There is no words to describe, how amazing is the Camino of Santiago
I feel so lucky and grateful to this walking trip and to my body as well, which permit me to walk for 200 miles in a very cold winter when along the camino there is not all the crowd that you can find in the hot seasons.

So to have an idea on how incredible this walking trip was, I will attach at this story a day by day video clips of my Camino de Santiago de Compostela.

As well I would like to remember on this page some words which another Pilgrim say to me during thee Camino “Doesn’t matter the reason of your Camino, He will give you what you need not what you want” Buen Camino Pelegrino!